A step-by-step guide to organizing your LA home during unpacking

Unpacking in a new home can feel overwhelming, but it’s the perfect opportunity to organize your space. This guide offers a step-by-step approach to turning the chaos of moving boxes into a beautifully organized home. As movers and storage Los Angeles experts, we’ll walk you through each stage, from assessing your new space to prioritizing essentials. Let’s see how organizing your LA home during unpacking will make settling in a breeze.

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Visualize the space and prioritize

First things first, let’s assess your space. Start by taking a walk through each room of your new LA home. Imagine the possibilities! Also, pay attention to built-in storage options like closets and shelves. Visualize where your things could go and how they might best fit in each space. Before the move, write an inventory to get a better understanding of how many things you’ll need to transport and organize. If the amount of items seems too much, ask local movers Los Angeles locals recommend to handle your LA relocation.

Begin by:

  • Unpacking essentials you’ll need when you arrive 
  • Setting up storage solutions like shelves 
  • Preparing labels for baskets and boxes 

Unpacking essentials items first

As long distance movers Los Angeles residents recommend often say, it’s always best to pack an essentials bag for your first day. It’s tempting to rip open all the boxes at once, but trust us, there’s a better way. Start with the basics: toiletries, basic kitchenware, and bedding. At the end of a long day of unpacking, you’ll want nothing more than a hot shower, a simple meal, and a comfy bed. By prioritizing these items, you’re taking care of your immediate needs. Unpack your bathroom essentials to freshen up and feel human again. Then, set up your kitchen with just enough to prepare and enjoy a basic meal – think plates, utensils, a pot, and a pan. As you tick these essentials off your list, you’ll feel more at home and energized to tackle the rest.

Organizing your LA home during unpacking: Gathering supplies and tools

First on the list are shelving units – they’re a necessity for creating extra space, especially in smaller LA homes. Next, grab a bunch of hangers. More than you think you’ll need. They always run out faster than you’d expect. Then, storage bins and baskets are your best friends for tucking away things you don’t need every day. Don’t forget labels! They’re lifesavers for knowing what’s what and where. These supplies might seem simple, but they’ll transform your space from cluttered to clear.

A woman sitting on her bed.
Assess your new space to decide where to put each item.

Tackle the major rooms

When you start unpacking in your new home, tackling it room by room can make the process much more manageable and effective. Unpacking room by room not only keeps things orderly but also gives you the satisfaction of seeing your new home come together piece by piece, making the space truly yours.

Tackle these rooms first: 

  • Kitchen 
  • Bathroom 
  • Living room 
  • Bedroom 

Kitchen organization

Put the items you use daily, like your favorite frying pan or coffee mug, within easy reach. For the stuff you use less often, like that big roasting pan for holiday dinners, store them higher up or in the back. This way, your kitchen won’t just look neat, it’ll work smart. Keeping things organized by how often you use them makes your daily kitchen routine smoother and less of a hassle.

Organizing your LA home during unpacking: Arrange your living room

Once it arrives, arrange your furniture so you can move around easily – no squeezing between the couch and the coffee table. When organizing your LA home during unpacking, place your sofa and chairs in a way that encourages conversation and relaxes everyone. Maybe angle your TV so it’s easy to watch but not the center of attention. A well-arranged living room invites you in and makes you want to stay awhile.

Organize your new bedroom

First, sort your clothes by type or season – whichever makes more sense for you. Use shelves or bins for things like sweaters or jeans, and hangers for shirts and dresses. For smaller items like belts and scarves, use hooks or small bins. A well-organized closet means no more frantic searches in the morning. It’s about creating a calm start to your day, where everything has its place.

Arrange your bathroom

In your bathroom, aim for convenience and ease. Organize your toiletries so the things you use every day are front and center. Keep your toothbrush, face wash, and other daily essentials on the counter or in an easy-to-reach spot in the medicine cabinet. Store less frequently used items, like spare shampoos or guest towels, in the back or in under-sink storage. If you’re sharing the bathroom, consider separate baskets or shelves for each person’s stuff. This keeps things neat and also prevents mix-ups. Overall, a well-arranged bathroom means less clutter and more clarity in your daily routine. 

A couple sitting on a couch and reading articles about organizing your LA home during unpacking.
Organizing your home while unpacking is the best way to settle in quickly.

Organizing your LA home during unpacking: Moving on to specific areas in your LA home

If you have kids or work from home, you’ll need to unpack and settle into your new home quickly and efficiently.  Make these areas of your new LA home a priority and organize them first when unpacking. This will make settling in much easier. Plus, you’ll be able to get back to your usual daily routine quickly. It’s best to work with international moving companies Los Angeles parents and professionals recommend to be able to move on to unpacking as soon as you can.

Home office organization

For your home office, it’s all about creating a space where you can focus and be productive. So, start by finding a spot for all your office supplies. This might mean getting a desk organizer for your pens, paper clips, and notepads. If you have a lot of papers, consider a file cabinet or shelves with labeled folders. The key is to keep your desk as clear as possible. A tidy desk means a clear mind. Also, make sure your most-used items are within arm’s reach. This setup will help you stay organized and efficient, turning your home office into a zone of productivity where great ideas happen.

Kids’ room or play area

Use low shelves or bins for toy storage so your kids can easily reach and put away their toys. Consider labeling the bins with pictures or words, depending on their age. This not only keeps the room tidy but also helps your kids learn to organize. Create different zones in the room for play, reading, and rest. It’s about making a space that sparks their imagination and independence, a place where they love to play and can easily tidy up afterward.

Reusing packing supplies after the move

After unpacking in your new LA home, you’re probably left with a mountain of packing supplies. But don’t just toss them out – there are clever ways to reuse them. Cardboard boxes are just some of the moving supplies Los Angeles newcomers reuse after their move. They can be flattened and stored for future moves or shipments. Or, get creative and turn them into storage bins, cat playhouses, or even DIY drawer dividers. Use packing peanuts to fill up vases for artificial flowers or as drainage at the bottom of plant pots.

A clean and organized kids' bedroom.
Organize the kids’ bedroom as soon as you can after moving.

Settle in easily after organizing your LA home during unpacking

After working with movers North Hollywood locals recommend, you can now move on to personalizing your new home. When organizing your LA home during unpacking, you’ll turn each corner into a personalized and functional space. Remember, the key to a well-organized home is starting with a clear vision for each space. Furthermore, it also entails using the right tools to make it happen. Whether it’s arranging your living room for comfort or setting up a productive home office, each step brings you closer to settling in your new LA home. 

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