Best LA neighborhoods for commuters

One of the biggest disadvantages of living in LA is getting around the city, especially if you’re a daily commuter. However, selecting the right neighborhood can significantly reduce your commute time and even gain some extra leisure moments each day. When you’re ready to make the move to one of these best LA neighborhoods for commuters, you can count on the services of movers Los Angeles to help you settle into your new, strategically located home.

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Getting around Los Angeles

Los Angeles is famous for its notorious traffic congestion, particularly during rush hours, which typically run from 7-10 AM and 4-7 PM. Public transit options like the Metro can be crowded but they are often faster than sitting in gridlock. This is why many people who move to LA rely on carpool lanes and ride-sharing services to improve their commute. However, using ride-sharing services every day can add up and become costly, especially during peak times. Additionally, consider parking costs, as parking can be both expensive and challenging to find in LA’s commercial districts. Overall, a successful work commute in LA is often the result of careful timing and multiple transport options.

A man waiting for the bus.
Choosing one of the best LA neighborhoods for commuters requires a lot of considerations like location, cost, and the best options for transportation to work!

What are the best LA neighborhoods for commuters?

Los Angeles is a sprawling city, and choosing the right neighborhood can significantly impact your daily commute to work. Some areas offer excellent public transport options, while others are well-located near major freeways. If you’re considering relocating your residence or even your workplace, services from office movers Los Angeles can be invaluable in ensuring a smooth transition. Here, we’ve highlighted neighborhoods that are particularly commuter-friendly:

  • Culver City
  • Pasadena
  • Koreatown
  • Silver Lake

These neighborhoods stand out for their accessibility and convenience, helping you minimize commute times while offering a variety of lifestyle benefits.

Culver City

The proximity to major business districts like Downtown LA and Santa Monica makes it a great place to relocate to if you want  to advance in your career. Commuters love it here because it’s in a fantastic spot near the 10 and 405 freeways, plus there’s the Culver City Metro Station that links up with the Expo Line. It’s super convenient for getting around. But in this LA neighborhood, housing and rental prices are a challenge. Based on Niche data, house prices are about $976,300, while renting is about $2,256. Moreover, Culver City has other attractions like the Culver Steps and a selection of shops and restaurants that make it a pleasurable place to live.

View of buildings in LA.
LA neighborhoods offer high living standards, comfort, but also a lot of fun!

Pasadena is one of the best LA neighborhoods for commuters

Positioned to the northeast of Downtown LA, Pasadena offers a less hectic environment without sacrificing accessibility. The Gold Line Metro service conveniently connects Pasadena to central LA. And this can be a relief for those who prefer not to drive. If you are someone who needs to go into the city center for work, living in Pasadena makes that easily doable. Along with the ease of commute, the area is also known for attractions like the Rose Bowl and the Norton Simon Museum, adding a layer of recreational options to a commuter-friendly environment. Here, the real estate market is a little more favorable. Rental options are available at prices starting at $1,904, based on Niche data.


Located fairly centrally in Los Angeles, Koreatown is a densely populated area that is favored by many working professionals. One of its major selling points is its Metro Purple Line station, which offers a direct route to business hubs like Downtown LA. The area’s central location means you are just one short trip away from other useful parts of the city. In addition to that, you can unwind after a long day of work and enjoy the fantastic restaurants and fun karaoke bars with your coworkers. If you are worried about housing options, you can explore the available condos, the most popular housing option in Koreatown. If you choose to move to Koreatown, Los Angeles storage units are at your disposal if you need additional space.

  • Amenities are just as important when choosing a neighborhood
  • Explore public transportation before making the move
  • Condos are the best option in Koreatown

Silver Lake

If you’re looking for a cool spot in LA, consider Silver Lake on the eastern side of the city. It’s perfect for folks working in Downtown LA or nearby areas. The best part? You can easily access the 101 or 5 freeways, so you can get around the city in your car without any trouble. Though it’s not as centrally located as some of the other neighborhoods, it’s still a good and practical choice if you have to drive every day to your workplace and back. Silver Lake also offers many independent shops, trendy cafes, and outdoor activities.

Traffic jam in LA neighborhoods
Pay attention to traffic jams to find the best commute.

However,  you should know that living in Silver Lake can be costly. The local real estate market is famous for its high prices, with homes starting at a substantial $1,120,345. As a result, a significant portion of Silver Lake’s population, approximately 63% according to Niche data, opts to rent. Before you rent in Silver Lake, you should know that prices begin at $1,835. If you plan on moving here, create a clear budget first. This way, you can see whether purchasing a home in this area is a financially good decision.

Choose the best LA neighborhoods for commuters to make your life easier

With the right neighborhood, your daily commute and overall quality of life will improve. When you start planning your move, we offer you the right moving supplies Los Angeles to make your relocation easier. Each of these best LA neighborhoods for commuters provides its own set of advantages, making it easier for you to find a location that aligns with your commuting and lifestyle requirements.

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