Family fun activities in LA in December

December in Los Angeles is a special time, particularly for families looking for fun. The city transforms into a hub of activities perfect for all ages, embodying the true spirit of the holiday season. Family fun activities in LA in December are a gateway to experiences that foster joy and togetherness. Whether you’re a new resident seeking to explore the city or just visiting, there’s no shortage of exciting events. Los Angeles offers everything from dazzling light displays to joyful holiday markets. This city, famous for its dynamic culture, becomes even more lively in December. As you plan your adventures or settle into life in LA with the help of trusted Los Angeles movers, this guide will be your compass to family enjoyment. Get ready to discover activities that are sure to delight, entertain, and create lasting family memories in the heart of Los Angeles.

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Explore Lights and Festive Sights During Family Fun Activities in LA in December

The December nights in Los Angeles become a canvas of dazzling lights and colors. Neighborhoods and attractions across the city light up, creating a festive atmosphere that’s hard to miss. Griffith Park is a breathtaking spectacle, attracting visitors for a memorable evening. On the other hand, the Venice Canals, with their illuminated walkways, offer a more intimate setting, where the glow of festive lights reflects on the water. At the LA Zoo Lights event, the animal enclosures are transformed with twinkling lights, adding an element of wonder. These sparkling displays are a central part of family fun activities in LA in December. If you’re planning to experience this festive season in LA, consider reaching out to interstate moving companies Los Angeles citizens value the most. They can help streamline your move, to settle in time to bask in the city’s holiday glow.

smiling woman stands under Christmas lights and thinking about  family fun activities in LA in December
The Griffith Park Festival of Lights dazzles visitors with its breathtaking light displays.

Glide on Ice Around the City

Embrace the holiday spirit with a family outing to one of LA’s seasonal ice skating rinks. A highlight is the Downtown LA rink, set against the backdrop of towering skyscrapers, offering skate rentals and a cozy atmosphere. Another favorite is the Santa Monica rink, located near the beach, also providing a unique ice skating experience with ocean views. These rinks often host themed nights, from festive music to winter wonderland decorations, adding to the excitement. Participating in this seasonal pastime is a delightful way to indulge in family fun activities in LA in December. It’s a perfect opportunity to create new traditions and lasting holiday memories with loved ones in the heart of Los Angeles.

Parades That Light Up the Holidays

Los Angeles is renowned for its vibrant holiday parades, a centerpiece of the city’s festive celebrations. The Hollywood Christmas Parade, a star-studded event, features an array of floats and performances, weaving through the heart of Hollywood. For start times and the best viewing spots, check local listings as the parade route is usually along Hollywood Boulevard. Additionally, community parades in neighborhoods like Pasadena and Silver Lake offer a more intimate experience, showcasing both – local talent and community spirit. These parades are not only entertaining but also a perfect way to connect with the local community. For those planning a move to LA, Los Angeles residential movers can provide a seamless relocation experience, ensuring you’re settled in time to enjoy these cherished local traditions.

Where to Meet Santa in LA

Meeting Santa Claus is a magical experience for children and a highlight of family fun activities in LA in December. The Grove, a popular shopping and entertainment complex, offers a delightful Santa’s Cottage, where families can meet Santa amidst festive decorations. For a theme park experience, Universal Studios Hollywood transforms into a holiday wonderland, complete with a Santa meet-and-greet. Additionally, Santa Monica Place provides a beachside Santa visit, offering a unique twist to the traditional mall Santa experience. Each location promises a memorable encounter with Santa Claus but also surrounds you with the festive spirit of Los Angeles, making each visit a special holiday moment.

 family fun activities in LA in December include children posing with Santa on Christmas event
Meeting Santa Claus at The Grove or Universal Studios Hollywood is a magical tradition for children.

Must-See Holiday Shows and Performances

Los Angeles comes alive with holiday shows and performances, ideal for family outings. For starters, The Nutcracker, a timeless ballet, is performed by various companies across the city. Check local theaters for schedules and ticket details. Also, holiday-themed plays and concerts are abundant. The Walt Disney Concert Hall hosts festive concerts, a treat for all ages. The Pantages Theatre often features holiday-themed Broadway shows. These performances add a special touch to the holiday season. They are perfect for creating lasting memories. As for the new residents, local movers Los Angeles boasts guaranteeing an efficient and flawless move during the holidays. This lets you enjoy these cultural offerings right away.

Pick Your Perfect Christmas Tree

In the Los Angeles area, several Christmas tree farms offer a unique family experience. These farms allow you to choose and cut your own tree. It’s a delightful holiday tradition. Farms like Frosty’s Forest in Chino and Nancy’s Ranch in Santa Clarita are popular choices. They offer a variety of tree types and sizes. Visiting these farms provides a festive outing since they offer a chance to select the perfect tree for your home. This activity is not only fun but also creates a special holiday atmosphere. It’s ideal for families looking to start new traditions in their LA home.

Holiday Markets to Explore

Los Angeles comes alive with festive holiday markets, offering families a delightful experience filled with unique gifts and artisanal foods. The Grand Central Market in Downtown LA transforms into a holiday haven, where you can find everything from handcrafted goods to gourmet treats. Another great destination is the Los Angeles Christmas Market on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, known for its festive ambiance and variety of vendors. These markets are places to shop but they are also lively gathering spots that capture the holiday spirit and community vibe of Los Angeles.

people checking Christmas market stands is one of the popular  family fun activities in LA in December
Explore Christmas markets where festive stalls offer unique gifts, delicious treats, and holiday cheer for the whole family to enjoy.

As you get acquainted with your new Los Angeles neighborhood, you’ll quickly discover the delight of these markets. They are essential parts of the city’s festive season. Additionally, the readily available moving supplies Los Angeles locals invest in can help and make settling in smoother. This holiday season, engage with the local culture and community by exploring these lively markets.

Outdoor Movies for Holiday Evenings

Los Angeles offers a unique cinema experience under the stars, perfect for family evenings during the holiday season. One notable venue is the Skirball Cultural Center, which hosts the Skirball Outdoor Movies. Families can enjoy beloved films featured in the center’s summer exhibitions. This experience is an opportunity to explore exhibitions like Leonard Bernstein at 100 and The Jim Henson Exhibition: Imagination Unlimited. Additionally, visitors can enjoy cocktails, wine, beer, and light fare, making it an ideal setting for a memorable family outing. This mix of culture and cinema captures the essence of LA’s various entertainment opportunities, providing a perfect holiday activity for families.

Festivals Are a Key Part of Family Fun Activities in LA in December

Winter wonderland events in Los Angeles are a magical part of the holiday season, offering a delightful escape with snow-themed activities. For instance, the Winter Fest at the OC Fairgrounds is a standout attraction, featuring snow play, ice tubing, and a festive winter village. Families can enjoy sledding down snowy slopes or exploring the light displays. Another worth visiting is Snow Day LA which offers an engaging snowy slope experience, complete with a dazzling light show. These events also include an array of seasonal treats and crafts, perfect for getting into the holiday spirit.

child snow tubing
Winter Fest at the OC Fairgrounds features snow play, ice tubing, and a festive winter village – popular family fun activities in LA in December.

For families recently relocated to LA, such events can be an exciting way to celebrate their first winter in the city. Movers Hollywood has to offer play a crucial role in helping new residents settle in comfortably. Above all, this allows families to quickly start enjoying these unique winter festivities that Los Angeles offers, making their relocation to the city a memorable experience.

Family Fun Activities in LA in December Include Museums with a Holiday Twist

Los Angeles’ museums really come to life during the holiday season, offering a world of wonder for families. Take the Natural History Museum, for example, where holiday-themed exhibits blend learning with festive fun. Kids can marvel at seasonal displays while absorbing fascinating facts. Over at the California Science Center, interactive workshops let little hands get creative, often with a festive twist. It’s a great place for sparking young imaginations. Then there’s the Getty Center, which invites families to engage in art workshops and enjoy storytelling sessions, all wrapped up in holiday cheer. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) also joins in, with special art-making activities inspired by the season. These museums are about experiencing and learning together. 

Craft Your Own Holiday Magic

In Los Angeles, the holiday season is not just about observing traditions, but also about creating them. Across the city, numerous workshops offer families a chance to engage in holiday-themed crafts and DIY activities. These workshops provide the perfect setting for making ornaments, decorations, and handmade gifts, adding a personal touch to the festivities. Locations like the Craft Contemporary Museum and local community centers host these creative sessions, often featuring a variety of materials and ideas suited for all ages. 

two women crafting Christmas decorations
Crafting ornaments and decorations at local workshops adds a personal touch to holiday festivities.

Boat Parades with a Sparkle

The Los Angeles area, with its beautiful coastline, becomes even more picturesque during the holiday season thanks to lighted boat parades. These unique parades, featuring boats adorned with sparkling lights and holiday decorations, are a must-see waterfront spectacle. In areas like Marina del Rey, spectators gather along the water to watch this floating festival of lights. The parade usually takes place in early December, offering a dazzling display of boats of all sizes. Viewing locations along the waterfront, such as Burton Chace Park, provide an excellent vantage point for families to enjoy the show.

Give Back And Enjoy Family Fun Activities in LA in December

The holiday season in Los Angeles is also a time for giving back. Families looking to contribute to their community can find numerous charitable events and volunteer opportunities. Participating in food drives or helping at local shelters allows families to make a meaningful impact. There are also events like toy drives and holiday meal preparations, where even small contributions can bring joy to others. Engaging in these activities can be especially significant for families living on a budget in LA. It shows that giving back doesn’t always require financial resources; time and effort are just as valuable. This spirit of community and generosity is what makes the holiday season in Los Angeles so special, offering a chance for all families to make a difference. This is how you too can spread the Christmas spirit:

  • Support Food Drives and Donate Food 
  • Support Toy Drives and Donate Toys 
  • Prepare and Serve Holiday Meals At Homeless Shelters 
  • Get Involved In Charity Runs or Walks 

Holiday Feasts for the Family

When the holiday season rolls around in Los Angeles, it brings with it a delightful array of dining options perfect for family gatherings. Sitting down at a cozy restaurant, surrounded by festive decorations, ready to indulge in a special holiday menu with your loved ones is surely priceless. It’s about sharing stories over a meal, with dishes that might feature a unique Californian twist on traditional holiday favorites. You could enjoy a family-friendly spot like The Grove, where the holiday lights add an extra sparkle to your dining experience. Or perhaps you’ll enjoy a meal at one of Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade eateries, where the festive ambiance elevates the joy of the season. 

the family gathered for the Christmas dinner
Enjoying a meal at a festive restaurant is one of the family fun activities in LA in December.

Nature Trails and Outdoor Escapes

Los Angeles’ gentle winter invites you and your family to step outside and discover its hidden natural treasures. To begin with, a day at Griffith Park, where trails lead to sweeping views of the sprawling city below represents a perfect backdrop for family photos and shared laughs. It’s a place where the city’s buzz fades into the background, replaced by the rustling of leaves and distant city sounds. Afterward, visit the Santa Monica Mountains, offering a peaceful respite with trails meandering through quiet, scenic areas. These are both the places where family memories are made, away from screens and schedules. For families who’ve recently arrived, perhaps with the assistance of international moving companies Los Angeles residents trust, these natural havens are a welcoming embrace from their new city. 

Create Memories at These Family Fun Activities in LA in December

As we’ve explored, there are so many family fun activities in LA in December. From the twinkling lights to the festive markets, each experience adds to the magic of the season. It’s a time for making memories, whether you’re strolling through a winter wonderland event or sharing a holiday meal. For families just settling into this vibrant city, the role of professional movers is invaluable. They ensure a smooth transition into your new home, allowing you to fully immerse in the joys of the season. So, embrace the holiday spirit in Los Angeles, where every moment becomes a cherished memory for your family.

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