The only long distance moving checklist you’ll need

Although the nationwide mobility rate has been decreasing year by year, surveys show that moving remains popular among US residents. An increasing number of residents decide to move with the help of a moving company. This greatly facilitates long-distance relocations, which is considered very tiring and demanding. However, even in that case, you have to make certain preparations yourself to make the move successful. That’s why, with the help of the experts at Prime Line Van Lines, we’ve created a long-distance moving checklist to guide you from the first thought of moving.

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Pre-move planning is the basis of a long-distance moving

If you want a successful relocation, this part of our moving checklist must be worked out in detail. So don’t rush, but patiently explore everything that might be interesting in your potential new hometown. You have to be confident that this town will exactly cover all your needs.

notebook with long distance moving checklist in the hands of the man
You can write your long distance moving checklist on paper or prepare it in electronic form. A reminder in the form of an e-mail that will remind you of your tasks every day.

Research the new city

Researching the new city will help you decide on moving more easily. It will also contribute to quick adaptation to the new living space. Thanks to modern technology, a lot of important information can now be found even before arriving in a new city. Ask about the neighborhood, its location concerning downtown, and important city institutions, as well as entertainment and recreation areas in LA. You can get information through social media, reading blogs about the city, local newspapers, and even coming to the city and talking to the locals. If you decide to take that big life step, all you have to do is contact our residential movers and get your free moving quote from our operators.

Cost of living

A good decision to move is also based on the facts about the cost of living. What you can get for a dollar in your current hometown, may be impossible in another. Ask about the prices of food, housing, utilities, transportation as well as health care. It is also important to check the prices of preschool and school facilities if you are moving to a new city with your family.

Job market

According to the US Census Bureau, moving to another city for a new job or a better job position rank third among all reasons for moving. Researching the job market will give you insight into what types of jobs are attractive in that city. You will also find out which industries are growing and give a better perspective in the future, and which are in decline.

A black man sitting on the bench and looking at a laptop
Researching the job market will convince you of the need for your job in a potential new hometown

Schools in the area

Are you moving with the children? Learn more about neighborhood schools. Some schools require living in the same neighborhood. That is why it is of great importance to choose a school and then look for a new home.

The lifestyle of your new potential hometown

This is perhaps the most important thing when choosing where to live. If this is your first move after many years of living in your current hometown, it is of great importance to find a city that will not change your lifestyle much. Many would not trade their peace for the lights of the metropolis.

Take a look at our long distance moving checklist

When you are sure of the correct choice of the city you want to move to, the first preparations begin. Following the budget, choose whether you will undertake the relocation yourself or you will entrust this demanding task to the professionals.

  • Choosing a good moving company is of utmost importance and the experience you will have during your move will depend on it. Choose a highly organized company with experience and good reviews.
  • Set a moving date and open your long-distance moving checklist. Preparation time for a long-distance move is often longer than for a local move. That’s why it’s important to organize the list by weeks and days before the move, to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.
  • Start with a property inventory. This way, you will remind yourself of what you have in the house and basements or attics. This is also the moment to decide what you will transfer to your new home, and what you will give away, sell or recycle.
  • Inform all parties about the new address, you know you are moving, but others don’t. Update your address with the United States Postal Services so your favorite magazines and newspapers can come to your new address.
  • Turn on utilities and set up internet and cable services as well as an alarm system. If you are thinking about renovating your apartment, do it while it is empty.
  • International movers provide some type of insurance, but it’s not a bad idea to get additional insurance to fully protect your belongings.
laptop and insurance list on the table
Moving insurance covers losses or damage to your possessions during a move.

Final preparations for the moving

Once the initial preparations are complete, follow along with the moving checklist. What comes next is the most time-consuming task during relocation.

Household packaging

Packing is synonymous with moving. To be effective, it needs to be properly planned. It is not enough to just stuff things into boxes. It is very important to know which box contains what, what is fragile, and what is of great importance. Make a daily packing plan by room and sort the boxes by color to indicate the importance of the contents. This will facilitate packing during loading, secure your belongings and make it easier to navigate when you arrive at your new home. Be sure to pack a moving day essential box with important everyday items that you will need the first day you arrive at your new home.

Prepare large appliances and furniture

If you are doing this part of the work yourself, make sure you have help. These are demanding jobs during which injuries and damages are common, so it is necessary to have people you trust with you. If you have included professional long distance movers, packers, and furniture movers in your budget, your move will be much easier.

Confirm moving day logistics

The signing of the contract, as well as the handing over of the keys to both the current home and the new one, is also organized during this period. Usually, the sales agents hold the keys to your new home, and you must collect them from them before moving day. After you load all the things into the truck, the carrier drives them to the given address, and you have to hand over the keys to the real estate agent. All of this requires good organization in order not to slow down your relocation process.

the key to the home that is handed over to the new owner
Don’t forget to arrange the day of handing over the keys

Inform neighbors about moving day

Prepare the current neighbors for the day of the move, but also those who will be waiting for you. For the moving company or transporter that will take the things from your old home, there must be enough space for loading and unloading. Ask your neighbors to put their cars away or ask about the possibilities of easier functioning if it is a question of apartment complexes with designated places for such activities.

Moving day ultimate checklist

Moving day has arrived and everything is ready for the final move to your new home. However, what must be on your long-distance moving checklist is a double check that everything is packed and labeled so that it can be loaded into the truck as quickly as possible. If you have a large house, make sure that you once again visit all the rooms, the basement, and the attic, as well as the surroundings of the house. All that’s left is to finish loading, pick up the trash left behind, and hand over the keys to the old home.

A couple makes moving day checklist
And the day of the move must be planned in detail. This will complete the entire relocation process.

This is the only long distance moving checklist that you need

When you decide to move long distance, a good plan and organization of work are of the utmost importance. There seems to be no end to disorganized moving. However, by creating your own long distance moving checklist, you’ll stay goal-oriented and complete your relocation much more efficiently. For anything on the list that is not within your control, contact Prime Line Van Lines. We will be pleased to be of service to you. With just one contact from our operators, you will be presented with a solution to your problem.

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