Things you should never keep in a storage unit

When it comes to storing your belongings, there are certain things you should never keep in a storage unit. Knowing what not to store can prevent damage, accidents, and even legal trouble. Among many other things, avoid storing perishable foods that can attract pests and cause a foul odor. Stay away from flammable materials like gasoline, propane tanks, or fireworks, as they pose a significant safety risk. Don’t store valuable or irreplaceable items like jewelry or important documents, as theft or damage could occur. Join us from Prime Line Van Lines as we delve deeper into all the things that should be kept out of storage units.

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Food items you should never keep in a storage unit

When it comes to food items, perishable foods should never be kept in Los Angeles storage units. These include:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Dairy product
  • Meats

Perishable foods can spoil quickly, attracting pests and causing a foul odour. It’s important to consume or properly refrigerate these items to prevent foodborne illnesses. On the other hand, you can safely store canned goods but still take precautions. Inspect for any signs of damage or bulging to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Canned food
Never keep perishable food in a storage unit due to numerous hazardous implications.

Dangers of hazardous materials in storage units

Substances like chemicals and cleaning agents pose significant dangers to both people and the environment. Their presence can lead to chemical reactions, fires, or toxic fumes. Storing these materials properly in designated areas is crucial, following safety guidelines and local regulations. Alternatives to storing hazardous substances in storage units include disposing of them safely through proper channels, recycling programs, or donating unused products. Remember, handling hazardous materials responsibly ensures your safety, that of others, and that of the planet.

The risks of storing stolen and illegal goods

Stolen and illegal goods should never be kept in a storage unit, as they can lead to serious legal and ethical consequences. Storing stolen property not only perpetuates criminal activity but also puts the owner at risk of facing criminal charges. It is essential to respect the rights of others and abide by the law. Engaging in such activities can damage one’s reputation and integrity. If you come across stolen or illegal goods, report them to the appropriate authorities immediately.

Storing weapons and ammunition

When it comes to firearms and ammunition, you must follow strict legal regulations for proper storage. Ensure firearms are unloaded and securely stored in a locked container or gun safe. Store ammunition separately in a locked container. It is essential to comply with local laws regarding storage and accessibility of firearms. Proper storage prevents unauthorized access and reduces the risk of accidents or misuse. Remember to keep firearms and ammunition out of the reach of children or unauthorized individuals.

A box of ammo
Store ammo and guns by following strict security guidelines and always keep them away from storage units!

Why plants, animals, and human remains don’t belong in storage units

Plants and animals are things you should never keep in a storage unit to ensure their well-being. Living organisms require proper care and attention that a storage unit cannot provide. Plants need sunlight, water, and fresh air, while animals need appropriate habitats and social interaction. It’s important to avoid causing harm or distress to these living beings. Similarly, human remains should be treated with respect and handled in accordance with legal considerations. Storage units are not suitable places for such sensitive items. Proper funeral arrangements and respectful handling are necessary to honour the deceased and ensure compliance with legal regulations.

The potential damage from storing wet items

Moisture-sensitive belongings should be protected against mold and water damage. Use moisture-absorbing products like silica gel packets or dehumidifiers in the storage area. Make sure you dry these items before storing them to prevent the growth of mold or mildew. Avoid sealing wet or damp items in airtight containers, as this can trap moisture and lead to damage. Instead, allow them to air dry completely or use fans to expedite the drying process. If you ever need some of these products or advice regarding wet items in storage units, just ask local movers Los Angeles offers for advice!

The importance of protecting priceless and irreplaceable items

It’s crucial to safeguard valuable and sensitive items against theft and damage. Store these items in a secure, locked container or safe within the storage unit. Consider purchasing insurance for added protection. For family heirlooms and sentimental items, preserving their emotional value is paramount. Use proper packing materials, such as acid-free tissue paper or bubble wrap, to prevent scratches or breakage. Label and organize these items carefully to ensure easy retrieval and prevent accidental damage.

Why shouldn’t money and documents be stored?

Money should never be put in a storage unit to avoid potential loss or theft. Storing large sums of cash in an unsecured environment is risky, so safer alternatives include keeping money in a bank account or utilizing secure deposit boxes. Valuable financial records should also be protected. Therefore put important documents, such as bank statements and tax records, in a fireproof and waterproof container. Consider creating digital backups and storing them securely online.

Valuable documents, some of the things you should never keep in a storage unit
Money and important documents are something you should never keep in a storage unit, instead keep them somewhere close by at all times in a secure container

Things you should never keep in a storage unit when storing your office

When it comes to commercial storage, certain items should be kept out due to safety, legality, and the risk of damage. Hazardous materials, including flammable liquids, gases, and toxic chemicals, are a major no-go. These pose serious safety risks and are often against the law to store. Perishable goods, such as food products that can spoil or attract pests, should also be avoided to maintain hygiene and prevent infestations. Sensitive documents and high-value items, including proprietary information, client records, or expensive equipment, require secure storage solutions with appropriate climate control and security measures, which standard commercial storage units might not provide.

Expanding further, businesses should also avoid storing large, unregistered vehicles or equipment that might violate local zoning laws or storage facility policies. This includes heavy machinery that could potentially damage the storage facility’s infrastructure. Furthermore, businesses should steer clear of storing anything that requires constant maintenance or supervision, such as machinery that needs regular operation to stay functional. Items that emit strong odors or could potentially seep, leak, or cause contamination should also be avoided to prevent damage to other stored goods and the facility itself.

Lastly, businesses should not use commercial storage for bulk storage of unsold merchandise without ensuring that the storage conditions meet the product’s specific storage requirements. This oversight can lead to product damage, loss, and, ultimately, a significant impact on the business’s bottom line. Proper inventory management and choosing the right storage conditions are critical for avoiding unnecessary losses. However, if you have other items that aren’t mentioned here and you are unsure of whether to store them or not, consult your commercial movers in Los Angeles. They will provide you with all the necessary info. 

Save this list of things you should never keep in a storage unit! 

With the knowledge of things you should never keep in a storage unit, your next step is simple – adhere to these guidelines. Remember, these rules are not arbitrary; they exist for a reason. They aim to ensure the safety of your belongings, your well-being, and that of those around you. If you are planning a significant move, remember that professional help, such as long distance movers Los Angeles offers, can provide additional assistance in ensuring your items are safely and properly stored. Let’s use this understanding to foster a safer, more secure storage environment. Because, in the end, careful planning and mindful actions are the keys to a successful, hassle-free relocation

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